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Professional Presence: 4 Basics To Look Professional​

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Managers, employees, hospitality managers and staff

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Looking professional is crucial for creating a positive impression on your guests, customers, colleagues, and partners, and winning their trust.

1. Appropriate personal appearance at work

Dress code and personal hygiene

Ensure your clothes or work uniform are clean, well-fitted, and properly maintained.

Maintain personal hygiene, including clean hair, trimmed nails, and subtle fragrance.

Body language

Keep positive body language. Stand tall with shoulders back to exude confidence. Make eye contact and offer warm, genuine smiles to guests.

Etiquette and appropriate communication

Always be polite and use respectful language. Actively listen to guest, customer, or colleague requests and concerns, responding promptly and courteously. Speak clearly and at an appropriate volume.

Practice proper etiquette in your office or workplace. Exercise discretion and avoid discussing personal matters with guests, customers, and external partners.

2. Customer-centric approach

Put customers first

Prioritize customer needs and satisfaction above all else. 

Show awareness and respect for diverse cultures to ensure every guest, customer, and colleague feels valued.

Be knowledgeable about your product and service

Deeply understand your company’s products and services. Stay updated and informed about changes and updates.

Pay meticulous attention to details, from your work to personal appearance.

Act as an ambassador of your company

Uphold your company’s brand values and mission in your behavior and work delivery.

3. Personal effectiveness

Manage your time

Arrive on time for shifts or meetings and be fully prepared to work.

Manage time effectively, especially during busy periods. Perform tasks efficiently without compromising quality.

Be a team player

Foster a collaborative environment and support fellow team members.

Handle guest, customer, or partner complaints professionally and seek solutions.

Lead by example

As a team member, set an example with your professionalism, work ethic, and conduct.

Be familiar with safety protocols, including fire safety, first aid, and emergency evacuation plans. Master relevant technology systems and software for your role. Provide suggestions and welcome constructive feedback for continuous improvement.

4. Professional presence etiquette mistakes

Avoid the worst professional presence etiquette mistakes:

  • Neglecting your personal appearance and hygiene.
  • Not respecting etiquette.
  • Treating customers and partners without sufficient respect.
  • Being sloppy at work.

Test your knowledge with a quick test and earn a free micro-certificate

Shop for etiquette, behavioral, and contextual signs

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