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Micro-learning resources


Tips and best practices to offer excellent guest service

Restaurant Guest Service: 12 Steps To Delight Your Guests​

Serving And Passing Food: 8 Rules For Serving Food Right​

Table Clearing: 8 Rules For Clearing The Table Right​

Dealing With Difficult Guests: How To Handle The 12 Worst Types

Handling Customer Complaints In A Restaurant: 10 Rules

Food and dietary restrictions

Learn the basics about specific types of foods and drinks, and the most common guests’ dietary restrictions

Catering to Guests with Dietary Restrictions

Foods and Beverages Basics

Wine Service

table manners

Read the etiquette rules that staff and guests should know

Table Manners Basics

Setting the Dining Table

Restaurant Etiquette for Guests

Safety and health

Read the best practices to keep our workplace healthy and safe

Health And Safety Compliance: 10 Principles For Employees

Fire Safety In The Workplace: 9 Rules For Employees

Hospitality Incidents: 6 Steps For Preventing Slips, Trips, And Falls

Kitchen Safety Rules: 8 Basics For Restaurant Staff

HACCP And Food Safety: 10 Steps To Ensure Food Safety

Drug And Alcohol Abuse In The Workplace: 4 Basics

Dealing With Food Spills And Drops: 6 Rules

Workplace Bathroom Etiquette: 10 Rules For Employees And Staff


Read the crucial tips to keep our workplace safe and secure for everyone

Workplace Security: 8 Rules For A Secure Work Environment

Tech Etiquette At Work: 9 Rules For Employees

Social Media At Work Etiquette: 4 Basics To Stay Professional

Social Engineering Risks: 6 Rules For Preventing Them

Phishing Risks And Prevention: 6 Basics

Keeping Devices Secure: 10 Rules For Device Security

Password Security In The Workplace: 10 Rules


Tips and best practices to improve your ability to deal with customers, coworkers, and managers

Positive Social Relationships

Effectiveness in Social Relationships

Communication Skills

Work Ethics