The etiquette rules on how to serve and eat jackfruit. Tips to be the ideal host or the perfect guest and avoid any embarrassment.

What jackfruit etiquette is

Jackfruit etiquette is the set of rules to properly serve and eat jackfruit. Such rules help avoid behaviors that can disrespect your hosts or guests, or make you look unpolite.

If you are hosting, follow the etiquette to serve jackfruit to your guests appropriately.

As a guest, respect the etiquette rules to properly eat jackfruit at the dining table and avoid offending your hosts or embarrassing yourself.

how to serve and eat Jackfruit

What you should know about jackfruit

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit native to South and Southeast Asia. It is the largest tree-borne fruit and can weigh up to 80 pounds.

The exterior of the jackfruit is covered in green or yellow spiky skin. Inside, there are large yellow bulbs of fruit, which are connected to a central core. The fruit is sweet and has a tropical flavor that is often compared to a combination of pineapple, mango, and banana. The texture is fibrous and chewy.

Etiquette rules to serve and eat jackfruit

1) How to store jackfruit

Store jackfruit at room temperature until it is ripe. Then, you can store it in the fridge for up to a week. To freeze jackfruit, you should clean it, cut it into pieces, and place it in an airtight container or freezer bag. You can freeze it for up to 8 months.

Store sliced or cooked jackfruit in an airtight container in the fridge and eat it within 3 days.

2) How to clean jackfruit

To clean jackfruit, first, cut it into sections, then remove the fleshy bulbs from the core. There is a sticky sap in the fruit, so it is best to wear gloves or oil your hands before handling it to avoid getting the sap on your skin. A knife and cutting board are the only tools needed to clean jackfruit.

Signs that jackfruit has turned bad include a sour smell and a change in color to brown or black.

3) How to prepare & cook jackfruit

Jackfruit can be eaten raw or cooked. To prepare jackfruit for cooking, cut it into sections and remove the fleshy bulbs from the core. It can be boiled, roasted, grilled, or sautéed. Some common ways to cook jackfruit include making it into a meat substitute for vegetarian dishes, adding it to curries or stews, or using it as a filling for tacos or sandwiches.

Some popular dishes with jackfruit include jackfruit tacos, jackfruit curry, and jackfruit burgers.

You can use jackfruit in salads and sandwiches. You can make it into juice, smoothies, jam, or preserves. It is suitable for guests who are on vegan, keto, or paleo diets.

4) How to serve & present jackfruit

Jackfruit is appropriate for both formal and informal meals. You can serve it as a side dish, main course, appetizer, or dessert. It is appropriate for breakfast, brunch, or as a snack.

The most polite way to serve jackfruit is to present it on a plate or bowl at room temperature. Present it with a serving spoon or fork.

You can accompany jackfruit with seasonings like cumin, coriander, and chili powder. You can also accompany it with rice, beans, or vegetables.

5) Food and wine to pair jackfruit with

Jackfruit pairs well with tropical fruits like pineapple and mango, and vegetables like peppers and onions. It does not pair well with citrus fruits like oranges or lemons.

Jackfruit does not go well with cheese or dairy. It also does not go well with meat or fish.

Jackfruit pairs well with white wine, particularly Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. You can also serve it with light beers or sparkling water.

6) How to eat jackfruit

It is polite to eat jackfruit with utensils like a fork or spoon. It is also acceptable to eat it with your fingers. You should discard the peel.

Jackfruit etiquette: the worst mistakes

The Rude Index identifies and ranks negative behaviors. 

A high score (8-10) means that the behavior has the potential to trigger a conflict with others. A medium score (4-7) means that the behavior risks making you look inelegant and unsophisticated. Read more about the Rude Index and its methodology here.  

Avoid the most common jackfruit etiquette mistakes:

  • 8/10. Not properly cleaning jackfruit.
  • 5/10. Not serving jackfruit at the appropriate temperature.

Additional information for properly serving jackfruit

How many calories per serving?

Counting calories is important to stay healthy and correctly plan a menu.

Jackfruit contains approximately 155 calories per serving (1 cup, sliced) and 95 calories per 100 grams. The number of calories in a single jackfruit can vary depending on the size and weight of the fruit.

How to buy the best jackfruit

A crucial factor in jackfruit etiquette is serving your guests the best product possible.

Season and availability 

Jackfruit is available all year round in tropical regions where it grows. The best season to buy jackfruit varies depending on the location. Generally, it is harvested in the summer and fall months.

Choose the best

The most common ways to find jackfruit in commerce are fresh, canned, and frozen. Fresh jackfruit is available in specialty Asian markets or some large grocery stores. Canned jackfruit is typically available in the international aisle of grocery stores or online. Frozen jackfruit is also available in some grocery stores or online.

The most popular varieties of jackfruit in commerce are the Sweet and the Firm varieties. The Sweet variety has a softer texture and is sweeter in flavor, while the Firm variety has a firmer texture and a milder, less sweet flavor. The most prized variety of jackfruit is the Artocarpus heterophyllus or “Mutomuno” variety, which is native to Sri Lanka.

To buy the best jackfruit, look for fruits that are larger in size, with firm and unblemished skin. Ripe jackfruit should have a sweet fragrance and a slight give when pressed. Avoid jackfruits with soft spots, mold, or signs of insect damage.

Alternatives to jackfruit

Some common alternatives to jackfruit include durian, breadfruit, and cempedak, which are all members of the same family as jackfruit. Other plant-based meat alternatives, such as tofu and tempeh, can also be used in place of jackfruit in recipes.