Course: Table Manners Basics

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Learn the most crucial good table manners

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micro-classes in this course:

how to eat with fork knife and spoon

Cutlery Etiquette 8 Rules: How To Eat With Fork Knife & Spoon

Resting Cutlery 4 Rules: How To Place Fork Knife & Spoon After Eating

Glass Etiquette 8 Rules: How To Use Drinking Glasses Right

Napkin Etiquette 6 Rules: How To Place & Use Table Napkins​

Eating With Fingers 6 Rules: How To Eat With Your Hands Best

Seating Etiquette: 9 Rules For How To Sit At The Dining Table

Formal Dinner Etiquette: 12 Rules For Dinner Party Hosts And Guests

Bad Table Manners: How To Avoid The 9 Worst Mistakes