Course: Sales Processes

Course description

Learn the foundations of an effective sales process

Who this course is for

Sales managers and professionals

micro-classes in this course:

building a sales pipeline

Building A Successful Sales Pipeline: 3 Basics

Managing Your Sales Pipeline: 8 Best Practices

Qualifying Leads: 14 Rules For Ranking Leads

Pre-call Preparation: 13 Steps For Successful Sales Calls

Mastering Cold Emails: 4 Basics For Successful Emails

Mastering Cold Calling: 3 Basics For Successful Calls

Follow-up: 11 Best Practices For Following Up In Sales

Closing Deals: 12 Rules For Successful Deal-closing

Shortening The Sales Cycle: 9 Rules For Faster Deals

Sales Automation: 12 Practices For Automating Sales Funnels