Course: Health, Safety, And Security Foundations

Course description

Learn how to prevent risks and keep your workplace healthy, safe, and secure

Who this course is for

Employees and managers

micro-classes in this course:

workplace security rules for employees

Workplace Security: 8 Rules For A Secure Work Environment

Health And Safety Compliance: 10 Principles For Employees

Drug And Alcohol Abuse In The Workplace: 4 Basics

Fire Safety In The Workplace: 9 Rules For Employees

Keeping Devices Secure: 10 Rules For Device Security

Data Protection Best Practices: 10 RulesĀ 

Password Security In The Workplace: 10 Rules

Preventing Virus And Malware Risks: 10 Steps

Social Engineering Risks: 6 Rules For Preventing Them

Phishing Risks And Prevention: 6 Basics

Social Media At Work Etiquette: 4 Basics To Stay Professional