Course: Business Communication Skills

Course description

Develop the communication skills needed to be successful in your professional career

Who this course is for

Managers, employees, professionals

micro-classes in this course:

business communication etiquette - the rules for appropriately communicating in the workplace

Workplace Communication Etiquette: 6 Rules To Communicate Effectively

Business Speaking 10 Rules: How To Speak Effectively At Work

Effective Writing: 13 Best Practices For Business Writing

Mastering Effective Presentations: 15 Steps 

Building Trust And Rapport: 10 Best Practices

Effective Persuasion: 14 Steps For Developing Persuasion Skills

Negotiation: 12 Steps For Developing Negotiation Skills

Managing Difficult Conversations: 10 Best Practices

Managing Up: 14 Rules For Working With Your Managers

Inappropriate Content At Work: 3 Basics To Avoid Trouble

The STAR Method: 4 Steps For Behavioral Interviews