Civility & Public Places Etiquette

Civility And Public Places Etiquette

Civility is the set of rules to politely behave in public. 

As a considerate citizen, parent, or tourist, you should know and respect the critical principles of civility in your community. Make sure to know at least the basic civility rules for the most common occasions or public places.

  • Polite behaviors in public.
  • Public venues etiquette.
  • Travel and transit etiquette.
  • Tourism etiquette.

Polite Behaviors In Public

The polite behaviors to display in public.

Public Venues Etiquette

The appropriate behaviors in public places and venues.

Travel And Transit Etiquette

The crucial civility rules in transit and transportation.

Tourism Etiquette

The crucial civility rules to follow when visiting another location, community, or country.