restaurant etiquette for children and parents

Parents And Children In A Restaurant: 6 Etiquette Basics

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Restaurant guests, waiters and restaurant staff

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Proper etiquette when dining with children in a restaurant is crucial to ensure a pleasant experience for both your family and others around you.

Etiquette for Parents and Children in a Restaurant

1. Before Arriving

Choose Appropriate Restaurants

Select family-friendly establishments or those with a kid’s menu to ensure a welcoming environment for children.

Make a Reservation

If possible, call ahead and make a reservation. This helps the restaurant prepare for your arrival and ensures minimal waiting time.

Arrive on Time

Punctuality is important. Arriving on time respects the restaurant’s schedule and minimizes disruptions.

2. Teach Basic Table Manners

Use Inside Voices

Remind children to speak quietly.

No Running or Yelling

Encourage calm behavior in the restaurant setting.

Chew with Mouth Closed

Basic manners go a long way. Remind your children to chew with their mouths closed and not to speak with food in their mouths.

Seat Children Appropriately

Use booster seats or high chairs as needed, and ensure they remain seated during the meal.

3. Order Wisely

Consider Sharing Dishes: Opt for dishes that can be shared among family members.

Be Mindful of Portions: Avoid ordering excessive amounts that might go to waste.

4. During the Meal

Be Mindful of Other Diners

Respect Personal Space: Ensure that your children do not disturb neighboring tables.

Handle Spills Gracefully: Accidents happen; promptly and discreetly address spills.

Use Please and Thank You: Encourage children to use polite language when interacting with the server.

Limit Device Use

Minimize screen time to encourage family conversation and engagement.

5. After the Meal

Leave a Tip

If the service was satisfactory, leave an appropriate tip as a sign of appreciation.

Clean Up After Your Children

Ensure the area around your table is left tidy and pick up any of your belongings. 

6. Common Etiquette Mistakes to Avoid

Allowing Uncontrolled Noise

Excessive noise from children can disrupt the dining experience for others.

Ignoring Manners

Failure to address basic table manners can be perceived as inconsiderate.

Overstaying Your Welcome

Once the meal is finished, be mindful of the time and considerate of other diners waiting for a table.

Test your knowledge with a quick test and earn a free micro-certificate

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