The most crucial Airbnb etiquette rules. The appropriate behavior for renting an Airbnb. Avoid embarrassment and be an ideal guest.

airbnb etiquette for guests

What AirBnB guest etiquette is

Airbnb etiquette is the set of rules to stay at an accommodation booked on Airbnb. It includes the proper way to book, check in, check out, and the appropriate behavior.

As a guest, know Airbnb etiquette rules to avoid any embarrassment.

As a host, Airbnb etiquette helps you manage your guests’ expectations.

General Airbnb etiquette principles

Airbnb is an online service to book accommodation from private owners. It is possible to rent many types of accommodation, from a room to a large estate.

Airbnb etiquette for guests has two main goals.

First, to match the guests’ rights with the appropriate expectations. In most cases, Airbnb hosts do not offer the same services that are available at a hotel. 

Second, to make sure that, as guests, we maintain the appropriate behavior. Airbnb is an online community. Hosts and guests can rate and review each other. A bad rating can bar guests from booking properties on Airbnb. Respecting Airbnb etiquette for guests eliminates the risk of getting a negative rating from the host.

Airbnb etiquette rules

1) Airbnb booking etiquette 


On Airbnb, guests need to make a booking request first. The hosts have to review the request and approve or deny the booking. 

Some listings are automatically and immediately approved. Others require manual approval or pre-approval by the host. The manual approval phase is usually fast. However, it may take up to 24 hours. 

If you are approved as a guest, the booking is confirmed. If you are rejected, you do not have to pay anything and you can make a new booking.

While you wait for approval, you should not try to book another listing for the same dates. 


Before the booking, it is perfectly acceptable to send messages or requests to your host. Ask for the information that you need to make an informed booking. Such as information about the accommodation, how to reach it, or the area. 

It is against Airbnb etiquette to ask hosts for superfluous information. Such as any information that is already present on the listing page, or general information about the destination that is commonly available online.

A single message is preferable to a long sequence of requests.

Similarly, it is perfectly acceptable to make inquiries after the booking and before your arrival. For example, you can contact your host again one week in advance to confirm the booking. 

However, you should avoid sending multiple requests to your host. Do not make hosts feel like your personal travel guide.

2) Airbnb check-in etiquette

Normally, Airbnb hosts do not have a reception.

Hosts and guests have to arrange a short meeting for the check-in. Be punctual at the check-in meeting. If you cannot make it in time, notify your host in advance. Similarly, notify your host of any circumstance that can cause a delay, such as a flight delay or road traffic. 

Airbnb check-in meetings are usually short. Expect between 5 and 10 minutes. The host will show you the accommodation. You can ask for any additional information. However, respect your host’s time.

Often, you can speed up the check-in process by sending a copy of your ID in advance. 

Sometimes, the check-in happens without meeting the host. The host can give you an access code, or a location to pick up the keys.

3) How to manage your belongings in an Airbnb

Sometimes, hosts rent their private homes. Thus, it is possible that not all the spaces and storage are available for your use.

Make sure to respect the host’s privacy and personal space. 

4) How to dress in an Airbnb

If you have exclusive use of your accommodation, feel free to dress as you want.

However, sometimes the accommodation has areas in common with other guests or the hosts. In such cases, you should be neat and dress appropriately. Avoid staying in the common areas barefoot or in your underwear.

5) Respect the host’s rules

Guests are supposed to respect the rules set by hosts. 

Eating and drinking are usually allowed. However, some hosts might ask you to avoid the consumption of alcoholic drinks. Do not smoke in a no-smoking Airbnb.

It is a good norm to limit noise and music. Further, some hosts might forbid parties on their Airbnb. 

If you break something during your stay, notify the host. Usually, hosts do not charge you for normal wear and tear, such as breaking a drinking glass. 

Similarly, notify your host of any malfunction or incident.

6) Airbnb etiquette for kids

In an Airbnb, your kids should respect the same rules as if they were at home.

Some hosts may want their Airbnb for adults only. Check the host rules before booking.

7) Airbnb etiquette for pets

Some hosts allow pets in their Airbnb, while others do not. 

Check the host rules before booking. If pets are not explicitly mentioned, you should inquire before booking.

When pets are allowed, you should follow the host’s rules during your stay. 

If the host does not allow pets, do not get upset. Book another accommodation.

8) Airbnb check-out etiquette

Leave your Airbnb in the same conditions you would leave a hotel room. No additional effort is required.

The host may request a check-out meeting to collect the keys. However, hosts often ask to just leave the keys in the house.

After your stay, you may or may not leave a review. Airbnb encourages reviews. However, it is not against etiquette to skip it.

Tipping is not common. Instead of tipping, consider leaving a positive review to your Airbnb host.

Airbnb etiquette: the worst mistakes

Avoid the worst Airbnb etiquette mistakes. 

  • 8/10. Not respecting boundaries with your host.
  • 8/10. Leaving your room or house in a mess.
  • 6/10. Arriving over one hour late at the check-in.
  • 5/10. Checking out over one hour late.
  • 4/10. Posting an inaccurate or biased review.