The Queen Anne Institute

our mission:

Behavioral and contextual Skills are Vital for Success
in Career and Relationships

Behavioral and contextual skills determine our behaviors, influence how others perceive us, and enable us to navigate challenges in both our professional and personal lives.

However, Behavioral Norms Are Often Implicit and Subjective

Behavioral norms vary by situation, social circle, local culture, time, and several other factors. Moreover, such norms shift over time and are often implicit and subjective. 

Thus, people and behavioral skills are hard to learn and there is no effective way to master them. Instead, such skills are handed down in our families or bought through expensive coaching sessions.

how it works

how queen anne's ai works

an ai that understands humans better than humans

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) identifies subject experts and analyzes multiple voices to map the expected, acceptable, and unacceptable behaviors in any given situation.

By doing so, we turn implicit behavioral rules into explicit ones. Finally, we summarize the behavioral data into bite-sized educational content that can be learned in minutes – our micro-classes.

We Keep It Human

Every micro-class is reviewed and debated by a pool of diverse humans, industry professionals, and subject experts.

After all, AI is a technological marvel that helps us achieve something previously impossible, but people skills are meant for, well, real people.

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